One thing I have learned from this project is the difficulty of getting it off the ground through marketing and fundraising. This is our project, my baby, my dream. I lose sleep over it, wake up at 3am thinking of new designs, plans for the produce either to sell it whole, prepare other products from the fruits of our labor, reselling the seeds and purified water.  I have received more of a welcoming reception and genuine advice and encouragement than I ever expected. We'll soon be launching a  Spanish version of our site, to share further our dream of the Economic Genesis Project.

Though still working on the first phase, which though labor wise won't be so difficult, I still find myself thinking of the 2nd and 3rd sites. Bogotá is perfect, with the mass of people, of all economic levels, fertile soil, and contant climate with the exception of when the heaven's open up every afternoon during the rainy season. However, I keep finding myself wanting to start the EGP in other smaller, less economically developed areas. Coming from a tourist town in the US I know all too well the need to migrate to find work, work that even if you didn't study to persue it as a career, you take to be self-sufficient.

Since moving to Colombia, I have learned how important family ties are, especially to the people of Latin America. Succeeding in the EGP isn't about becoming rich, winning a prize, or solving the civil strife of Colombia. It's to make the communities we operate in safer, healthier, and more economically stable. Keeping families close, providing fresh, natural, and nutritious food, and a stable wage they can live on, that is our goal. We want to also give pride, the satisfaction of not just making a wage, but seeing the growth of a sustainable farm, where our workers through hard work and dedication can rise up in the ranks and own a part of the land they manage, unlike so many farms which like in the US are either owned by huge corporations or by one individual and will never be something in which the workers have an interest other than a source of a paycheck.

We believe this will be a true source of economic justice, not a hand out but a real opportunity. Something all workers can feel proud of, where the funds to start up the farms are not squandered on leadership salaries and where two guys from the US can help change the world, one aquaponics tank at a time.



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