Eva de Choque, like other farmers, now receives 270 bolivianos, which would be about $33, per 46-kilo bag of organic quinoa, compared to 210 bolivianos (or $26) for quinoa not certified as organic. The difference is huge in a country where more than half the population earns $2 a day or less.

"We want to grow more and more quinoa for export," said de Choque, as she stood with a small shovel in hand in a quinoa field in windswept Colchani.  - From "Latin America Finds the Green in Organic" by Tyler Bridges http://www.redorbit.com/news/science/772519/latin_america_finds_the_green_in_organic/

As Mick and I have begun our planning and research for the Project, we' ve been trying to make decisions on what to grow, how to price, and market the produce. Of course this may seem like simple series of business decisions, but it's a bit more challenging than that. The Colombian food system isn't like the US where growing seasons can determine what's good to buy and when. Rather, with the balance of the rainy and dry seasons and constant average temperature, the questions becomes more, what can I grow where.

We've seen a huge interest so far in the organic produce idea, however, pricing of such is different as not many areas of Colombia can support a Whole Foods style store with it's price points. We're also wanting to provide healthy and affordable options to all of our customers. That's when we started thinking about community outreach projects. By having a tiered system of basic products as unprepared produce and fish, increasing up to products made from what we've grown we can reach more customers, while still being sustainable and being able to spread our system to other areas.

These other areas will offer different challenges in regards to what can be grown, and the income of the target market. However, because of the ensuring of our produce and products being 100% organic, we will not only be able to overcome those challenges, but also be able to pay higher than average wages, and provide a safer and happier workplace.


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