One of the main aspects of the EGP is the sense of community it will drive. Not only for those who work for the project, nor the customers who benefit, but those who are within the families of those who no longer have to leave their home town to find a better opportunity. All too often, that is the only way to find a reasonable living in Colombia. Other reasons could be that because of lack of opportunities, a worker's home town may have become dangerous from crime.

Finally, after too many years to count, I have gotten back in touch with my father, and through such have discovered an entire other side of my family I barely knew. The feeling is exhilerating and makes me realize the magic that having family around you can be. I explained the goals and my vision for the EGP to my dad, and he is amazingly supportive. Building communities, building economic independence, building a sustainable future in Colombia. That is the mission of the EGP.


04/14/2013 7:21pm

great idea, it could be the future of farming. low water loss, no chemicals, maybe insect resistant.

drawbacks are the large pump network, if you were to compete with commercial farming


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