This is a recently thought up concept for potential expansion to a wider group of customers. 

The Amazon River is a bustling travel route in South America. Fishermen and travelers make their way up and down this winding river all day, every day. So providing a stop off market for a quick bite to eat, or to take home, may be a welcome sight after a long day of work or travel. 

The idea for the individual facilities is fairly simple. 

There will be four areas laid out for growing fish/produce in each building.

Each bed will have three levels, similar to this in order to maximize space. Fish will be raised on the bottom layer, and produce will be raised on the top two. 

Each  individual facility will have it's own fish pond. This will serve the purpose of growing fish to be harvested later on, once they reach the appropriate size. Each pond will have two channels in it. The first channel will go across the outside pond to the next building. These will be so each population of fish can interact and contribute to the other's environment.  Currently we have decided on using Tilapia and some sort of Catfish species. (has yet to be decided.)

The second channel will link to the outside central pond. Once the fish reach appropriate size, we will ferry them to the central pond, in order to be harvested for consumption.

Lighting for the buildings will be both natural and artificial. We will be stringing up some lamps for evening growth, however during the day, lighting will be provided by several water filled 2 liter soda bottles; which will be mounted in the ceiling of the facility.   Comments, suggestions, and criticisms of the design plan are welcome. We look forward to hearing them. 

After a few revisions, we've come up with a concept for the basic design of the facility. 

We will have four growing facilities, each structure being 50 ft x 50 ft with a 10 foot ceiling. In between each building, there will be a walkway, measuring 5 ft across, and 30 ft long. These will serve as paths between facilities, and a path to the main fish pond.  

Each facility will be centered around the main fish pond. This will be used as a congregation/harvesting area once the respective species of fish reach full size.
This pond will be connected to smaller indoor ponds via PVC pipe channels, (which will be outlined further in the next blog post.  10 ft above the main pond, will be a layer of chicken wire between the buildings. This will serve to ward off birds of prey, and other birds who feed on fish. 

There will be a water collection system of some sort on the outside of each building, which we have not discussed yet. We're planning on using rain barrels, but we're not sure where we will mount them, or how many we will use to collect the water. We would ould appreciate your feedback on this concept, and there will be much more to come. Thank you



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